The Ultrapremium range of products is based on the colloidal nanotechnology ESE (EFFICIENT SYSTEM ECONATUR), formed by natural Colloidal molecules, electrostatically charged and as a consequence they are more easily absorbed by the plants, at foliar and root level. These colloidal molecules facilitate the active principles assimilation, because in combination with them, the colloids act as a type of transport to the interior of the plant, that means an improvement in the speed, and in the percentage of assimilation of the active principles by the plant. The ESE technology, obtains a high efficiency in the nutrients assimilation, with low doses.

The way of acting of the ESE technology are the following ones:

  • In roots: they strengthen the Ion exchange with the Root hairs. The active colloids high capacity of combination and root absorption, improves the assimilation of the products in combination with them and that increases the assimilation efficiency.
  • In leaves: the electric charges, facilitate the absorption of the colloids and the active principles through the stomas.
  • In Sap: the colloids generate a major Fluidization due to the charges differentiation and consequently that produces a better flow capacity. In this sense the translocation of the active principles joined with the colloids all around the plant, specially through the more needed areas, provoking fast replies in the plant organs and tissues.

Using our Ultrapremium products based on ESE Technology, has the following advantages:

  • Reducing the inputs doses of the products which are in combination with.
  • Improving the assimilation and the systemic of the active principles in combination with the active colloids.
  • Producing fast replies in the plants (more vigour and higher photosynthetic activity), which means a better production.
  • Decreasing the loss due to leaching, degradation or evaporation, optimizing the doses and improving the production and the farms profitability.


Lower doses of inputs
Better assimilation of nutrients
More vigor and photosynthetic activity
Less leaching loss
Best production. Higher operating profitability