GLOBAL SOLUTION ECONATUR (GSE) is a compromise with the sustainability of the agricultural production, based on the fundamental criteria of the sustainable agriculture and the Good Agricultural Practices that differentiates the farms with a productive process based on the nutritional health, the productive efficiency and the respect to the environment through the continuous assessment of agriculture technicians specialized in the crops and in the sustainable agriculture. This compromise have been developed by ECONATUR after years of experience in the agriculture field, regarding products, as well as, agricultural practices, being supported by excellent results in the main crops all over the world.

The protocol GLOBAL SOLUTION ECONATUR (GSE) is based on the following principles:

  • The improvement of the healthy food and the health standards

    Due to the good agricultural practices and the inputs obtained from natural substances, without residues and not toxic.

  • Increase of the profitability of the farm

    Taking advantage of the productive capacity of the farm but under a responsible, ethic and sustainable farming, according to the good agricultural practices.

  • Respect to the environment

    With no polluting agricultural practices and using no residual inputs. And at the same time, having waste management, using by-products and respecting the local flora and fauna and the agricultural diversification.

  • Increase the crop quality

    Obtaining products with better organoleptic quality and nutritional value, free from pests and illnesses.

  • Strengthen the rural lifestyle

    Working on profitable farms that would produce an added value in the rural society.

  • Support the multidisciplinary approach to the farming

    Through and assessment based on our experience in crop management, inputs, know how, agronomic laboratory, quality and management systems, good agricultural practices and environmental knowledge.