Fungicide based on copper oxychloride for foliar application with a copper metal content of 70% in the form of a concentrated suspension. R. (CE) 1107/2009
– 25.156.


Presentation as high density formulation of intense blue color.
Easy solubilization, which allows to carry out the dilution in the spray Cuba itself.
Greater efficiency and persistence thanks to the presence of dispersing and adherent surfactants.
Extreme fineness of particle.
Formulation stability.
Authorized use on olive trees in order to prevent repilo

Overall use recommendations
Indicated as preventive at the most favorable moments for the appearance of fungi (high relative humidity and increase in temperature).
Suitable for foliar application with any application device: atomizers, low volume sprayers, etc.
Maximum fungicide protection due to its high content of copper metal in the form of concentrated suspension.
Especially recommended in olive trees, fruit trees and vines.

Liquid: 0,05L, 1L, 5L, 200L, 1000L