28 Apr

With the arrival of good temperatures, the outdoor areas of both homes, cities or sports, become important, going to have a more continuous use at this time of year.

Walking through gardens or parks, practicing outdoor sports, or being surrounded by nature, implies an improvement in people’s well-being, a healthier lifestyle, allows us to relax, reflect and breathe cleaner air.

All these green areas, whether public or private, need care throughout the year, but they are intensified in times of greatest use. For this reason, from Econatur, we have made a selection of solutions for the care of green areas, which allow to enhance the vigor and quality of the lawn, whether ornamental, public or sports areas. The result is a lawn in the best conditions of beauty and resistance to climatic or physical stress.

Our top 4 lawn products:

HD 10-30-15 + ME: With essential macro and micronutrients, for a balanced and continuous growth of green areas.

ULTRAPREMIUM RAIZ: Enhances root activation, creating an ideal environment for their development.

NITRO-PLUS: Ecological fertilizer, with 8% nitrogen, 18% amino acids and biostimulating action. Increases chlorophyll (30% SPAD index), resulting in a greener lawn.

SPIRIT: Within our range of biocontrol of zero residue and ecological products, SPIRIT induces the self-defense of the plant, stopping the proliferation of external agents.

With these 4 solutions and other specific solutions for lawns, you will be able to carry out AN optimal and eco-sustainable care of green areas.

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