25 Mar

Frequent periods of rain and high humidity favour the dispersal of spores which spread through the air or by splashing and cause rotting and stains such as alternaria alternata. During the flowering period, its incidence will cause the appearance of the disease and, in turn, the death of the peduncles, flowers and unripe fruit. This has a negative effect on the production and quality of the fruit.

How to care for and protect your crops from rain

SALIX based on basic substances of natural origin (willow bark extract and soya lecithin) has a preventive, curative and repairing fungal effect on cellular structures and reinforces vegetative activity at critical moments in the crop in the presence of stress and climatic conditions. It is also harmless to pollinating insects such as bees, allowing them to coexist with crops in the treatment phase and favouring pollination.

FLORACTIN is a highly energetic biostimulant with a boron-molybdenum complex formulated using the patented ept technology (Econatur Polyphenol Technology) and with natural precursors of flower induction and fertilisation that guarantees optimum flowering and quality.

With this strategy we manage to reduce the incidence and proliferation of the disease and ensure the sustainability of the flower and future fruit set without running the risk of production or quality losses.


1) Activation of defence mechanisms. Effect on the salicylic acid pathway.

2) High antioxidant potential. 3) Higher flower viability: Increased fruit set and fruit quality



ApplicationDoseMoment of application
Foliar1,5-2,5 l/haAt the onset of weather conditions suitable for the development of the disease, when the first symptoms are detected. Apply systematically every 7-10 days during this period, for as long as these conditions exist.

*In shock applications up to 5 l/ha

Indications: Preventive foliar application is recommended at times when fungal problems are most likely to occur due to adverse weather conditions. During application, all green parts should be thoroughly wetted.


Foliar1-1,5 l/ha