4 Nov

E-PLUS obtains EU biostimulant registration

E-PLUS has obtained the official registration under the name of BIOSTIMULANT in Belgium, Spain and Portugal, extendable to the rest of the EU countries, with registration number EM625.F and valid until 31/12/2026.

In this way, Econatur consolidates its position as a pioneer in Europe in biostimulation. Twenty-five years ago, the company designed and launched the first agricultural biostimulants, even before there was any specific regulation in this area.

E-PLUS is the flagship product of the Econatur brand, a biostimulant whose efficacy has been tested for years in a wide variety of crops all over the world.

Biostimulant E-PLUS

The e-PLUS biostimulant is a primary and secondary plant metabolism accelerator. It is worth mentioning that its composition contains ept® technology (econatur polyphenol technology), which is an antioxidant promoter and also acts as a precursor of phytohormones and which has been designed by Econatur and has a European patent.

E-PLUS is applicable throughout the entire cycle due to its antioxidant capacity, bringing forward phenological phases and delaying the appearance of senescence through its continued use. In addition, and thanks to its ease of mixing, agricultural inputs applied in combination enhance their effects by facilitating their penetration and translocation within the plant.

The best certified biostimulant

Additionally, e-PLUS is certified as an input suitable for organic agriculture, according to the European regulation of biostimulants for organic agriculture according to European regulation R (EU) 2018/848 for UNE 142500 standards. It also has Demeter certification for biodynamic agriculture.

The use of biostimulants in agriculture has increased significantly in recent years, a growing demand for food worldwide, together with the scenario of climate change, subjects crops to productive stress that reduces their balance and put their vigor at risk. Therefore, this registration consolidates Econatur’s position as a specialist in biostimulation and its commitment to innovative and sustainable agriculture.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between biostimulant and fertiliser?

Fertilisers are used to improve soil fertility and to grow plants. Biostimulants can also be used to improve soil fertility, but they also have additional properties that can help the plant grow by providing a variety of benefits, such as improving the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients, improving root growth, reducing water loss and more.

When to apply agricultural biostimulants?

Agricultural biostimulants are soil additives that provide a variety of benefits to plants. These additives improve plant health and can increase crop yields. For this reason, many farmers are turning to these agricultural supplements in order to produce better crops. When should biostimulants be used?

What is a foliar biostimulant?

A foliar biostimulant is a natural treatment that can be applied to plants to promote growth. These treatments contain nutrients and minerals in liquid or powder form that are absorbed through the leaves and enter the plant’s system.