23 Sep

The fat yield of the olive is a small amount of oil. This oil is obtained from the pulp and skin of the fruit. The quality of this oil, however, is variable, depending on its content of monounsaturated fatty acids, which are very important in the human diet. In this article we present an effective treatment to stimulate the fat yield and fattening of olives.

Treatment to prevent fruit drop and promote fattening and oil accumulation

The olive tree is a crop that began to be domesticated 6000 years ago, mainly for the production of olive oil. There are currently more than 2,500 varieties worldwide. In Spain there are an estimated 2.6 million hectares of olive trees, 60% of which are in Andalucía.

As a consequence of the high temperatures, the olive tree has suffered water stress conditions, which has also caused the stone hardening to be delayed with respect to what is usual. Water stress in rainfed and irrigated olive groves with reduced water supply leads to the appearance of wrinkled olives.

In order to resume activity and minimise previous damage and, as a consequence, prevent the fruit from falling and promote fattening and oil accumulation, there is a biostimulant e-PLUS, which has an action recognised at European level, proven in olive cultivation for increasing production data by fattening the olives and increasing fat yields.

aceituna rrugada sin e plus y con e plus

The e-PLUS biostimulant is based on ept technology, patented by Econatur, guaranteeing a highly antioxidant extract for the elimination of reactive oxygen species (ROS), promoting the generation of photoassimilates and the vascular flow of the olive tree and increasing resistance to hydric stress.

The use of e-PLUS on olive trees has increased production by +23.9% and increased fat yield by more than 1.5 degrees, with a multitude of trials confirming these results under different planting systems and conditions: trees/ha, irrigated and rainfed crop volumes, and varieties and agronomic years.

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EPLUS Fat yield and olive fattening