1 Jul

The technological research and development center TECNALIA collaborates with ECONATUR and other agri-food companies to obtain neuroprotective ingredients from raw materials derivates from agriculture activity.

In a society characterized by a growing population aging, one of the challenges is to face chronic diseases, such as vascular diseases that can cause strokes or neurodegenerative diseases. One of the keys to combating them is proper nutrition, and the TECNALIA technological research and development center works in this line, within the Food4stroke initiative together with other research organizations and seven companies in the agri-food sector, among which is ECONATUR.

The objective of the project is the development of food and food supplements that improve the quality of life and health of consumers through personalized nutrition and is that the population, today, tends to a greater responsible consumption of food, assuming that a balanced diet does not only serve as nutrition and sustenance, but that food plays a key role in people’s quality of life.

Food4stroke and the foods of the future

The Food4stroke initiative will focus on selecting raw materials from the agri-food industry that can be sources of phytochemicals and other compounds with potential neuroprotective activity. In addition, it will optimize sustainable agricultural management techniques, so that the composition of phytochemicals with neuroprotective potential in selected raw materials can be naturally increased.

The work of the companies involved in this project will also go through validating the neuroprotective activity of the ingredients developed through clinical trials in patients at high risk of stroke and, in addition, they will develop, from the ingredients with proven neuroprotective effect obtained, new food and food supplements whose impact could be relevant for the prevention of diseases with a high incidence in society, such as stroke.

One of the major innovations provided by Food4stroke is that combinations of extracts from different raw materials that are selected for their potential (olive, subtropical, aloe vera) and other compounds of interest (prebiotics, probiotics, minerals, fiber, concentrate) will be explored. rich in nutrients), seeking synergistic effects on the neuroprotective effect not previously explored.

Foosd4Stroke is a European initiative with the participation of TECNALIA together with other research organizations such as FISEVI-IBIS, IBVF and the CSIC. In addition, seven companies from the agri-food sector are involved, as well as one company from the health sector: Indukern, SA, as project leader, Acer Campestres SL, Cosmos Aromática Internacional SA, Dcoop Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza, Grupo Empresarial La Caña, SL, Go Fruselva SL, HT Médica and ECONATUR.