4 Jun

HORTALAN and ECONATUR come together to create the LivePlant Biotech company, with the aim of promoting biotechnological and eco-sustainable development in cutting-edge agriculture.

 LivePlant Biotech is a business project that was born from the commitment of the companies HORTALAN and ECONATUR to lead the sector of eco-sustainable, ethical agricultural production, and committed to efficient agricultural production, to value the generation of high-quality and healthy food, while maintaining our natural environment.

The experience in the design and manufacture of inputs through eco-sustainable biotechnologies of ECONATUR, a pioneering company in its segment, is combined with the extensive experience and agronomic knowledge of HORTALAN, a company with maximum technical capacity in the eco-sustainable management of high-demand crops in the main productive area in Europe such as Almería. This alliance will be the start of a business project of international scope and great technological capacity to cover at a high level, the needs in the models of intensive, efficient and green agriculture that have been imposed in recent years in Europe and in the main world productive areas . Models of agricultural production that respond to the social demands of sustainability, health and circularity, necessary for our current model of life.

LivePlant Biotech is an innovative project with a high capacity for integrating technical synergies in the manufacture of inputs and agronomic requirements under eco-sustainable foundations, which will allow the farmer to provide agronomic solutions to promote avant-garde agriculture, committed to the health and future of everyone.