19 Jan

The food group Dcoop and the company Biopharma Research, a member of the Econatur group, found a Joint Venture for the creation of an industrial plant to revalue olive by-products.

Córdoba, 19th January 2023. Dcoop and Biopharma Research have created Naturphenolive as part of their commitment to innovation and the development of new solutions that support a more sustainable agri-food sector, based on ethical and circular economy principles.
This alliance is the result of a research project carried out over the last three years between the two companies, as well as the synergies that have arisen and the shared vision of a sustainable agro-industrial model and the development of ethical business activities, through the search for revaluation models that allow, in addition to healthier food, the conservation of the environment and natural resources.
The shareholding is 50 % each and the purpose of the new company is the use of olive by-products to obtain value-added products for use in agriculture, animal feed and human food.

230113. Firma Dcoop y Econatur para Naturphenolive de izquierda a derecha Juan Nieto del Rio y Rafael Sanchez de Puerta 3
Signature Dcoop and Econatur for Naturphenolive from left to right Juan Nieto del Rio and Rafael Sanchez de Puerta

With the creation of Naturphenolive, Dcoop and Econatur reinforce their commitment to the principles of the circular economy and, above all, to adding value and re-incorporating by-products derived from the olive industry back into the production chain.
The food group Dcoop S.Coop.And. is one of Spain’s leading food cooperative groups and the world’s largest olive oil producer, with 75,000 farmers, livestock breeders and agro-industrial members.
Biopharma Reasearch
is part of the Econatur Group, which in turn is part of the LivePlant Biotech holding company and is dedicated to innovation and development based on new knowledge in biotechnology and green chemistry. Econatur is a pioneer in its sector and applies its innovative developments to the agriculture, food and health sectors.
Biopharma has a biotechnology research centre, which it will make available for this new venture, while the cooperative giant Dcoop will use its plant in Monturque (Córdoba) to start Naturphenolive’s industrial activity.