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Global company committed to sustainability and people's health.

We are leaders in the phytosanitary and fertilizers sector, offering an eco-sustainable alternative for future agriculture. Here, the physiological biostimulation of the plant, the bioprotection of crops without residues and advanced nutrition of high efficiency, are the bases that allow this type of production for the generation of healthy and safe food.

Econatur technology is one of the most experienced and efficient on the market, guaranteeing farmer satisfaction and enhancing the sensory values ​​of agro-food.


Biotechnological products indicated to maximize the physiological activity of the crop. With them we achive:

Increase the productive efficiency of the plant and its capacity to complete the cycle.

Lower the energy consumption of the plant for the development of vital function.

Reduce productive and climatic stress.

Correct the physiological imbalance generated in most of the cultivated plants.

We are a company with its own factory of organic biostimulants


Manufacturer of agricultural biocontrollers and zero residue products.

Within the Econatur supplies for biocontrol, we have 3 ranges:

  • Bioinsecticides
  • Biofungicides
  • Enhancers

We are a manufacturer of biological control and zero residue products for agriculture in Spain, our goal is to prevent and control pests and diseases in our crops. They improve the self-defense of the plants, as well as phytosanitary products with a low toxicological load and basic substances of natural origin, that have a secondary phytosanitary action. In addition, a series of enhancers that help reinforce the level of efficiency of phytosanitary treatments.

Advanced Nutrition

Agricultural Nutrient Manufacturer

At Econatur we have developed this technology called ese (Efficient System Econatur) based on nanocoloids, another generation of fertilizers that we call Advanced Nutrition.

This technology enhances the absorption of fertilizers and phytosanitary products, helping to:

Decrease the application rate

Reduce losses due to non-assimilation.

Optimize ATP energy consumption.

Boost the efficiency and productivity of the plant

A wide range of highly assimilated fertilizer products, enhanced with a unique technology developed by Econatur.

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